Pennant Season 2023

This booking calendar is reserved for members to register their interest and availability, and for Captains to display the team selections on each date of play for the 2023 Pennant season.

Register your GENERAL INTEREST for playing Pennant by selecting the date Sunday 5th March 2023.

Register your AVAILABILITY for each pennant day by selecting the date of play.

The Pennant Captain will fill in the team selection for each team on the date of play.

(Pennant players are requested to select to be included within the Membership List and to enter a contact number from within Edit Profile.)

Both fields are required to log in.
  • Axedale Golflink Number: Axedale Golf Club members use the last digits of your GolfLink number after the zeros. That is: 1234,¬†321, 98 and 7 are all valid numbers.¬†(Email also works, unless you share an email address.)
  • Password:¬†initially set to the DayMonth of your birthday in the format ddmm, so 0407 would be entered for 4th July. Use Edit Profile to change it.
An email address is required to reset your password.

  • If you have difficulty logging in or selecting registration slots then contact Brian on 0419 598 776.


  • Your registration shows up as a booking in your profile at the top of this page, but you need to refresh the page to see new registrations. You can DELETE a BOOKING (Cancel Registration from this list.
  • If using a smartphone you need to turn the phone horizontally to see the booked players names. If that still does not show them, probably your old phone does not have enough resolution! So, try using another device such as a computer, iPad, laptop etc. Or maybe the Printable Version below will show up times and players, but you cannot book in that screen.

Pennant Lists:  Printable List