Membership List

The Axedale Golf Club Membership List is only viewable by logged-in members.

It is an Opt-In list and in order to be included within the list you need to login, click Edit Profile and tick the Display My Details tickbox. Whilst there you can also update your Email and Phone Number.

Both fields are required to log in.
  • Axedale Golflink Number: Axedale Golf Club members use the last digits of your GolfLink number after the zeros. That is: 1234,¬†321, 98 and 7 are all valid numbers.¬†(Email also works, unless you share an email address.)
  • Password:¬†initially set to the DayMonth of your birthday in the format ddmm, so 0407 would be entered for 4th July. Use Edit Profile to change it.
An email address is required to reset your password.

(Clicking the Apply button refreshes the list.)