Member Competition Bookings

Member Competition Tee Time Bookings are now performed on Micropower‘s (MSL Solutions) web site.

Click to go to: Micropower’s Tee Bookings

Using Micropower’s Tee Booking system also allows the golfer to use their SimpleGolf Scoring app on your phone. (Download the app from the Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.)

For members to book a social golf time outside of competition times use the Green Fee Players and Members Social Golf calendar.

Micropower supply the score cards used at Axedale and our scores are already submitted into their system, so using their TEE BOOKINGS will integrate all of their features.

Some hints for using the Micropower Tee Bookings.

Login Instructions:

  • Member Number: Enter your Axedale member number exactly as you have been doing. Zeros padded on the left are optional. eg. 123, 0123, 00123 are all valid for member ID number 123.
  • Password: ddmm of your birthday. eg. enter 0407 for 4th July. (Note that MSL’s password is quite separate to the password you have on Axedale’s web site.)
  • If your birthdate on file is incorrect you will not be able to login. Try Forgot Password and the micropower system will send you a code via email to enable you to change your password.
  • If your email is also incorrect then text or ring Brian on 0419598776 to reset your password.


  • The TEE BOOKINGS link in the top menu always takes you back to the competition calendar.
  • Simply click on a date to open the bookings for that day.
  • Click on any Book button in any time slot to automatically book just yourself.
  • A member can only book 1 (ONE) timeslot for her/himself per day. Once you have booked all of the Book buttons for that day will be disabled. Use the Book Group button to book up to a group of 4 members.
  • Your booking does not display your handicap. Instead it has two links: 1 to go to GolfLink to see your last 20 rounds, 2 a CANCEL button so that you can easily cancel your booking. 
  • Once booked, or deleted, a confirmation email will be sent from Micropower to the player.
  • To change the date from within the TIME SHEET simply click on the date at the top (or top-right).

Booking for a Group:

  • You can only book for up to 4 players in a single tee time group.
  • Click Book Group in the very left column of the TIME SHEET to book for other players.
  • Find Player boxes: for an Axedale member start typing in a surname or an Axedale GolfLink number then select from the drop-down list.
  • Visitors from other clubs can be entered by typing their full 10 digit GolfLink number into the Find Player box.
  • Visitors can also be added by name only using the ADD GUEST.
  • Add Friend: Ticking the Add Friend box remembers that player for you and lists them under the PARTNERS column (from the next time).
  • PARTNERS: Once they have been selected by Add Friend, just click on the little “+” (plus sign) next to a PARTNERS name to quickly add your friend to the current tee time group.
  • ADD GUEST: Allows you to add a player by name only, such as a non-registered friend. GolfLink number and Handicap are optional.
  • Update Booking: click when finished otherwise nothing is saved!
  • Cancel Booking: removes all of your group bookings from the time slot!
  • Back To Timesheet button simply takes you back to the timesheet without making any changes. (I have found the computer sometimes ‘hangs’ when this button is pressed, so maybe clicking on Tee Bookings at the top menu is a better way to get to the Timesheet?)


  • Results are automatically loaded onto the system when you scan your cards after a game. Click RESULTS in the top menu to show a RESULTS and a PRIZES button against each competition.
  • When viewing RESULTS click on your name to view your scorecard😢 or another member’s name to see their scorecard😀.
  • You can even go back in time, our results have been stored for a long time, by clicking on the Date Range date at the top.


  • Update your details, especially make sure that your email address is correct. (Not sure if this also links in to update them on Golf Australia’s database?)
  • To change your password click Forgot Password on the login screen. Note that this relies on the email address under your Axedale Golflink number being correct!

“SimpleGolf Scoring” app for your phone.

Using Micropower’s Tee Booking system also allows the golfer to use their SimpleGolf Scoring app on your phone. (Download the app from the Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.)

In order to use this app you MUST have booked your tee time for the day on Micropower’s Tee Booking system as outlined above.

Note that the app does not have GPS capabilities.

At Axedale use of this app is optional as we will still have printed scorecards available.