Bookings for Green Fee Players & Members Social Golf

Green Fee Players and Axedale Members booking for social golf times MUST book a tee time on this web page before playing.
Green Fees are a set $25 for any number of holes played.
Axedale Members can play social golf freely as part of their membership.
Cart Fee is $40.
(See the Green Fees page for payment options.)

Axedale Members login below with your normal Axedale Golflink number and password.

Green Fee Players login by Clicking Here.

Both fields are required to log in.
  • Axedale Golflink Number: Axedale Golf Club members use the last digits of your GolfLink number after the zeros. That is: 1234321, 98 and 7 are all valid numbers. (Email also works, unless you share an email address.)
  • Password: initially set to the DayMonth of your birthday in the format ddmm, so 0407 would be entered for 4th July. Use Edit Profile to change it.
An email address is required to reset your password.

  • COVID: All players must check in using the QR code displayed at the clubhouse.
  • COVID: Green Fee Players MUST carry a proof of identity that clearly displays your home address.
  • COVID: Melbourne residents cannot play at Axedale.
  • Click on a day to open up the tee time slots available.
  • Only a single tee time booking (Appointment) can be made at a time.
  • Cart Request: If you request a cart 2 days notice must be given and an Axedale official will contact you to arrange the cart’s pickup. Cart availability is limited so there is no guarantee that a request will be successful. If noone contacts you then assume that there is NOT a cart waiting for you!
  • For a Green Fee Player to Cancel a booking phone 0417 154 977

  • Be quick! As you are not the only user. Whilst you are looking at an available time slot and contemplating whether to book it, someone else may book it before you!