Membership Benefits

“I have found the Axedale Golf Club to be a most welcoming organisation and the friendship and encouragement given by existing members to new members is outstanding.”

New Member, Noelene Arundell

 Membership provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Competition structured to suit players at all levels.
  • Teams are entered in Golf Central Victoria Pennant Competition.
  • Axedale Golf Club has reciprocal rights with numerous clubs throughout Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Organised social events and trips for members and partners.
  • Free golf or join in competitions.

Axedale Golf Club Members enjoy a range of benefits and reciprocal rights from other courses around Australia. As reciprocal arrangements may change from time to time, we advise all members to contact either Axedale Golf Club or the relevant association.

Membership Fees:

Annual fee for 2023-2024

  • Full – $600
  • Intermediate (18-21 at 1 Sept) – $340
  • Junior under 18 at 1 Sept – $60
  • Country (reside more than 100km from Axedale) – $320
  • 6 Months Seniors (over 75 years) – $380
  • 6 Months Sporting (Off season must be affiliated with another sporting club) – $380
  • Social – $20

Lodge the Membership Application (link below) – which must be signed by a Proposer and Seconder who are current AGC Members – and you will be advised within 14 days if you are successful.

Full membership applies once the Committee accepts your application and you pay the balance of your fee.

NB: If you are not able to provide a Proposer, you may be offered Probationary Membership (details on form).

The Membership Year starts on 1 September and runs to 31 August the following year.
Please Note: Pro Rata memberships do apply.

Return the completed Membership Application by either dropping in at the club rooms or emailing to:

For more information contact the Membership Officer:

Mandy Hamilton 0408 572186

Membership Application form (pdf)

or alternatively download:
Membership Application form (Word .docx)