Captains Office Roster

Thank you for volunteering

To book a time slot to man the Captains Office: (1) Sign In (2) a calendar opens up below (3) select a date (4) Book your time slot Appointment (5) Sign Out.

Both fields are required to log in.
  • Email Address: Axedale Golf Club members can alternatively use the number at the end of your GolfLink number after the zeros, just like you call out at the captain's window. That is: 1234321, 98 and 7 are all valid numbers. (Email also works.)
  • Password: initially set to the DayMonth of your birthday in the format ddmm, so 0407 would be entered for 4th July. Use Edit Profile to change it.
An email address is required to reset your password.

  • If you have difficulty logging in or selecting tee time slots then contact or ring Brian on 0419 598 776.
  • Click on a day to open up the volunteer time slots available.
  • Only a single booking (Appointment) can be made at a time.
  • Your bookings show up in your profile at the top of this page, but you need to refresh the page to see new bookings. You can DELETE a BOOKING (Cancel Appointment) from this list.